Solanie Lines

Solanie Argan Stem Cells Line

The greatest challenges of cosmetic treatments are to slow down the skin aging processes and increase the activation of aged cells. Among the new possibilities presumably the most promising one is the use of plant stem cells.

Stem cells are cells that renew themselves through cell division, they are able to divide many times and for long time, and also transform into any other special cells that construct tissue. The stem cells in the skin support the constant renewal and restructuralization  of the tissues. In case of injury or damage of the skin their work intensifies, and regeneration gets into focus. However, as the time passes their activity weakens, their skin renewal effects gets moderated.

Plants also have stem cells that are capable to generate root, leave, flower, thus, creating an entire plant.  The plant stem cells contain special proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, i.e. the essential ingredients of cells division.  In skin care we can vitalise the skin`s stem cells with their use, and we can motivate them to reactivate their skin renewal skill that gets lost by the time. Thus, by using the plant stem cells in skin care we can effect indirectly the skin`s own stem cells.

The Mibelle biochemical company was the first on the cosmetic market in 2008 that developed the plant stem cell extract to activate the skin`s stem cells. By applying its innovative Phyto-CellTech technology, the plants`stem can be extracted and their components can be enclosed into liposome, helping them to penetrate deeper into the skin.

It is proved that argan plant stem cell extracts used in the Solanie products not only actively stimulate the stem cells in the epidermis, as opposed to the previous plant stem cell extract, but they also enhance the activity of the cells producing flexible connective tissue fibre in the dermis.

Solanie Grape-Hyaluron Line

GRAPE-HYALURON   – Skin rejuvenation with plant derived antioxidants and detox ingredients


Skin   aging is due to complex genetic and biochemical processes in which the free   radicals play a key role.

The Solanie Grape-Hyaluron line includes a special   TO Complex® with a high content of polyphenols, able to neutralize harmful   free radicals in skin cells in order to slow down the aging process.

TO   Complex® includes special oil-based ingredients and their effect is completed   by hyaluronic acid, so that it deeply moisturizes tissues responsible for the   appearance of healthy skin.

Solanie Caviar Exclusive Line


The skin`s needs remarkably change as the time passes. The skin`s structure and the biochemical processes that take place in it are not the same as they were in their younger age.Nourishment that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, and that is capable of the skin`s renewal its whole structure is needed.The components of the precious Russian caviar are ideal for the skin`s nourishment as they are very similar to the components of the skin cells.They both contain 50-70% water, and they also consist of fats, proteins, amino acids that construct proteins and trace elements in similar percentage. However the caviar is rich in vitamins that are beneficial for the skin.Caviar is an excellent active agent-bomb for the aging skin that effectively aids the skin`s nourishment and regeneration delaying the aging processes.

Solanie 3Peptide Mezopeptide Line


Rejuvenating mesotherapy treatment without needles

Solanie Mesopeptide supercomplexes are based on 3 synergistic peptides.

Use them along with the special enzymatic exfoliant and recovering mask to boost their effectiveness, and you will achieve spectacular results in a short time.

All this can be performed effortlessly and elegantly due to No Needle Rejuvenation technology that aligns with the latest expectations of 21st century.

Enjoy the effectiveness of mesotherapy without needling.

None of the physiological processes that take place in our bodies can happen without the essential proteins.

These polypeptides have a diverse structure due to their different functions.

 Their complex biological structures are at the center of cell renewal and regeneration processes.

Peptides not only affect cell-to-cell communication, but they also play a primary role in the absorption of other active substances.

 Their deficiency at the cellular level blocks the regeneration process which is vital for aging skin, or the normal functioning of younger healthy skin.

Solanie Mesopeptide products combine the diverse effects of peptides that are vital for the skin with the advantage of mesotherapy treatment.

 All can be achieved in 3 simple steps: enhance skin permeability, take care of skin and rejuvenate it according to different skin types, and activate for a complete mesotherapy experience.

Peptides synthesised from plants open up the opportunity to support the skin’s structuring and regenerating processes at the cellular level during cosmetic treatments. Peptides used in our super complexes: NEODERMYL®, MATRIXYL 3000®, TELANGYN®, RUBIXYL®, ARGIRELINE®, LEUPHASYL®.

Solanie Gold Line

Ancient Egyptians have already used gold during beauty rituals due to its skin regenerating effect.

 In this way they not only provided the privilege of noble metals to the ruler but also introduced the particular importance of the gold as a tool to preserve the youth of the skin.

Gold appears as a part of exclusive skincare

treatments until today and science has alsoproved its skin-enhancing properties.

The noble metal particles act as a stimulant towards the other compounds used in creams as well as towards the skin itself. After application you can:


• Improve physiological functions

• Enhance the self-regenerating process of the skin

• Boost the removal of residues

• Promote the neutralisation of free radicals

• Improve water retention and therefore

increase hydration

• Particularly enhance the absorption of

collagen and hyaluronic acid

Solanie’s Gold Line products contain 24K

American Mesogold particles with 99,99% purity produced by electrolysis, thereby providing maximal and long-lasting skincare effect.

Unfortunately, as every substance, gold gets

eventually cleansed from the body, therefore a course of treatment is recommended at home and in the beauty salons in order to maintain the achieved effect that becomes visible even after the first treatment.

Solanie AHA Line

improve pigmented, problematic and aging skin condition, to achieve a youthful skin image.
Age group: 20+ It is a special luxury treatment in which the fruit acids make thinner your thickened horny layer, so your skin can breathe and impurities can be excreted easily. Your large pores are refined, making the skin surface more even. The physiological processes are activated that can reduce your fine surface lines rejuvenating your appearance. The unique agents that have inhibitory effect on skin pigmentation and are used in the treatment reduce the unpleasant dark spots and uneven colour. It is one of the most popular skin renewing treatments because of its effectiveness, but we recommend it for autumn or winter seasons because of its UV sensitive effect.
What results can you expect after the treatment?
Even skin colour, younger, more flexible skin. Offered course of treatment: 6-8 occasions

Solanie Aroma Sence Line

Solanie 100% natural Aroma Sense essential oils provide perfect solution for several skin problems. The scents energize, boost mood and support body and soul balance by stimulating the senses.

At Solanie we believe that essential oils not just cosmetic ingredients, but also incredible gifts from nature, that are beneficial to both the skin and the mind with their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and stress relieving therapeutic properties. The mono oils of the Aroma Sense line have been formulated to be blended with the carrier oils and base gel and cream to suit your skin type and current skin problem.

What is aromatherapy?

  • Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being.
  • Aromatherapy is the use of highly concentrated aromatic oils distilled from plants to heal the body, enhance mental performance and influence emotions.
  • Essential oils can soothe or cheer you up; it helps us fall asleep or sharpen our focus. They can soothe irritated skin, help fight infections and promote the body’s natural healing process.

What kind of products make up the line?

  • 13 different mono oils
  • 6 essential oil blends for aroma vaporizers or electric diffusers
  • 2 skin problem specific essential oil blends and 2 carrier oil blends for problematic or dry, aging skin
  • 4 carrier oils
  • Base cream and Booster Gel for the essential oil blends

What is the purpose to use it in your skin care routin?

  • Breath in: evaporation, inhalation
  • Apply on the skin (through skin barrier): heat or cold compress, applied topically, adding to bath water or foot bath, massage

Solanie Aloe-Ginko Line

Aloe vera and ginko biloba have belonged to the cosmetics` wonder active agents for ages.

Aloe vera with its more than 200 natural components is a precious vitamin, protein and mineral source for any skin type.

it is one of the most widely used ingredients due to its hydrating, calming and nourishing effects.

It aids the regeneration of cells and assists to better absorption of active agents with its skinsoftening effect.

The ginko biloba as one of the most ancient ,,healing" plants is not only a powerful antioxidant, but it helps the circulation of the skin cells and tissues due to its vasodilating effect:thus, activating the processes of skin renewal.

It can strengthen blood vessels and promote healthy circulation, therefore, it is perfect to treat skin with the symptoms of enlarged capillaries. By the use of it we can booost epidermal cell renewal and also help processes which make the skin elastic.

The products of the Solanie Aloe-Ginko range offer solution for several problems by combining the effects of the two" wonder-plants". Due to their active agents more desired effects can be achieved even with one p

Solanie Vita White Line

Vita White products provide the perfect harmony of skin whitening and anti-ageing effects.  The intentionally selected ingredients of the  products can help not only with the pigment damage caused by UV radiation but also with pigment-producing disorder mostly caused by inflammation after skin injury.
The soul of Vita White line is a special skin whitening elixir which affects the different stages of pigment production and therefore blocks the melanogenesis. This helps lighten the skin damage caused by melanin discoloration which can cause
problems from a younger to elderly age. Vitamin
A, C, E, and B3 have a strong synergetic antioxidant effect, improve cells immunity and protect the ells membrane.

Solanie Skin Nectar Line

Serums play key role in skin care, containing a few key active ingredients, at higher concentration, to address specific issues. Their formulas are developed for special needs: moisturize, firm, soothe and energize, reduce wrinkles, boost immunity, or promote skin rejuvenation. 
Apply only 3-4 drops on the
cleansed skin, or you can use them for ultrasonic treatments. Depending on the skin type and the purpose, they can be used alone or under a face cream
or face mask as an additional active ingredient.
Special plant stem cell serum having PhytoCellTech Malus Domestica extract as a main ingredient. 
This component is made of a rare Swiss apple, which is well-known for its excellent storability. 
 It protects stem cells found in epidermis, delays the aging of stem cells, positively aects viability/vitality, and ghts overall aging.
Main ingredients:
Apple stem cell extract, panthenol, phos-
pholipids, ceramides

Solanie So Fine Line

PRACTICAL PACKAGING WITH VALUABLE CONTENTS creation of this magical line was the beginning of a long-lasting affection. The So Fine products packaging not only contains the precious active ingredients within, but also brings the wind of change.
The attracting packaging and the practical flip-flop cap are paired with harmonious fragrances, velvety textures.  Quality ingredients are provided for the salons’ essential facial and body treatments, all at competitive prices.

Solanie Alginate Line

Solanie Alginate peel off masks combine the effects of trace elements and mineral-rich alginates with popular cosmetic active substances.
The occlusive effect masks can help absorb the active ingredients into the skin. Moreover, they moisturize, soothe, and revitalize the skin.