Treatments that get the job done!

What is the reason behind the exceptional effectiveness and immediately noticeable effects of treatments with the use of Larens Professional products? Most certainly it is due to unique compositions of formulations created by WellU laboratories. Each and every one of them is impressive. The variety of active ingredients includes innovative substances of extraordinary properties in the field of skincare, with a special emphasis on the anti-ageing effects.

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We put our best efforts into making sure that the ingredients used in Larens Professional are always of the best quality, are introduced in high (but also optimal) concentrations, and are combined in such a way that they work synergistically, instead of contradicting their effects.



In the new, improved Larens Professional products, you will only find natural preservatives that not only comply with their role, meaning they protect the product from microorganisms, but they also improve the absorbance of the active substances and moisturize the skin.

Keeping up to date with the changing regulations, and staying ahead of the market, we decided to bet on the safe fragrance compositions that are completely free of the allergenic substances. Those substances do not exhibit toxicity, do not trigger allergic reactions, are fully safe and completely natural.

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It is very important that the products are effective and allow high flexibility in composing your own signature treatments, also with the use of apparatus.

Active ingredients in our products


Liposomal Collagen Complex is pure collagen contained in a lipid bilayer, reaching deep skin layers and providing natural collagen fibres, and peptide fractions directly to the damaged skin structures, rebuilding them from the inside.

Read more here: Products/Liposomal Collagen Complex


What are the bioactive fish peptides?

They are natural-origin (fish skin) proteins that anticipate an organism’s needs at a given moment. The Biopeptide Complex mostly contains chains of 7 up to 29 amino acids.

How do bioactive fish peptides work?

Depending on their structure they play various roles in the organism: signalizing, relaxing, and transporting. As proven by research, peptides contained in Biopeptide Complex are directly linked to the increase of the HSP’s (heat shock proteins) activity, also known as the “care proteins”. These proteins naturally occur in the organism and are activated in the stress-generating situations, such as inflammations, damage in the skin structure, frostbites, and burns – it allows the skin to regenerate on a much faster level.


It is rich in growth factors obtained in a biotechnological way from natural resources. They activate the DNA synthesis, cells begin to multiply, filling up the skin cavities, shallowing, and removing wrinkles. The newly formed cells and blood vessels facilitate a better flow of the nourishing substances and oxygen, greatly facilitating the regeneration processes. The growth factors activate the fibroblasts’ synthesis and collagen growth, which improves skin’s elasticity and resilience. They also contribute to exchanging damaged cells with new ones. Therefore one can say that our skin is granted a new life.


It is a polysaccharide of the cyclic structure. The complex contains its concentrated 3-5% solution.
How does it work?
It contains the ingredients of all the complexes present in the mask, providing optimal conditions for the best results. Firstly it creates a kind of film on the skin. It allows the ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin and optimize their properties. Furthermore, it modifies the skin structure, refills its cavities, has anti-wrinkling and smoothing properties, protects against external factors that affect the skin every day. Additionally, the structure of the cyclodextrin’s molecule increases the solubility of the ingredients characterized by different chemical properties, allowing them to optimize their benefits and their durability in the cosmeceutical.

3500 beauty salons across Europe

Larens Professional will never fail you, the effects of treatments using our products are guaranteed. You can be sure that meeting with this brand will delight your clients, and their reactions will bring you genuine satisfaction from work, and what’s important, will make you feel confident, that you will be meeting your clients regularly.

Approximately 3500 beauty salons cooperate with WellU across Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, all pointing to rich formulas, high quality, and efficiency, as well as flexibility in composing your own treatments.

Join us and become the next unique point on the map of the salons working with the Larens Professional products. You can also become a part of the prestigious group of WellU Partner salons, where the anti-ageing effectiveness of our products gets proven at the highest level.

Places that are within one’s reach, offering easily accessible, comprehensive skin care services to all, who care for young, vital looks and have high expectations regarding the effectiveness of the treatments performed.

Nature & Science

Larens and Larens Professional Line is a specialistic brand that offers skincare cosmeceuticals for face and body. It offers innovative products that, considering their use of ingredients, the production technology and the spectre of effects are a truly revolutionary combination of the achievements of science and brilliance of nature. Their recipes are being created in WellU laboratories under the supervision of the WellU Scientific Council’s scientists and Scientific Partners.


Larens Professional Line cosmeceuticals are an effective, but also non-invasive and safe method to achieve young and healthy looks. The results of their use that are first noticeable by the users are also scientifically proven in research.