Aha Skin Renewal And Skin Complexion Harmonisation Program

It is a special luxury treatment in which the fruit acids make thinner your thickened horny layer, so your skin can breathe and impurities can be excreted easily. Your large pores are refined, making the skin surface more even. The physiological processes are activated that can reduce your fine surface lines rejuvenating your appearance. The unique agents that have inhibitory effect on skin pigmentation and are used in the treatment reduce the unpleasant dark spots and uneven colour. It is one of the most popular skin renewing treatments because of its effectiveness, but we recommend it for autumn or winter seasons because of its UV sensitive effect. To improve pigmented, problematic and aging skin condition, to achieve a youthful skin image.
Age group: 20+Even skin colour, younger, more flexible skin. Offered course of treatment: 6-8 occasions